Pick Up

Erin became familiar with the work of the volunteer drivers at Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust a few years ago when a family member decided to volunteer and she sat in on one of the journeys. What struck her immediately was the normality of the conversation between the patient and the driver. Despite the intensely physical and emotionally draining experience of cancer treatment these people were somehow able to get into a vehicle and have a menial, and often humorous, conversation with a stranger. It was thus imperative that, through Pick Up, she would document this endearing sense of humility. 
Her focus, however, naturally began to shift away from the patient and the illness itself to the drivers and the time they selflessly dedicate to these vulnerable people. Erin was primarily interested in how, what the drivers themselves think of as, 'only a duty or a service' could actually provide another person with a great sense of security and respite amidst their time of turmoil. Each day the passenger in the back seat changes and new stories are told, some make full recoveries and others, sadly, do not. Regardless, the consistently cheerful and upbeat demeanour of the driver stays the same and this, to the filmmaker, is truly admirable.

© 2018 Erin Brown
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